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Better than Botox?
A look at Botox vs. Dysport

Better than Botox? An
alternative emerges
Updated: Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009, 6:35 AM EDT
Published : Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009, 6:35 AM EDT

Cynthia Smoot
TAMPA - There's no trace of a scowl on Julia Brazier's face. But it's not because of Botox.

For the past two years, the St. Petersburg realtor has been enrolled in a clinical study of a new injectible called Dysport .

"I actually have deep lines in here and I haven't had those lines in over two years. I love it. I absolutely love it!" she said.

The doctor administering her injections is St. Petersburg dermatologist James Spencer , who's been doing the FDA trials on Dysport for the past three years.

"It's essentially the same medicine (as Botox), but it's a different formulation so it has some special properties," Spencer said.

Dr. Spencer says, like Botox, Dysport is also botulinum toxin, but there are some differences.

"It does diffuse a little more, meaning move away from the point on injection. So if you were treating the neck, some people with those turkey bands, you could improve with Botox or Dysport, but it's a large area, so a product that moved a little more would be better, and also the forehead I think is better," he said.

Dr. Spencer also says Dysport tends to lasts longer than Botox, and the manufacturer is pricing it 10 percent lower.

"Dysport takes effect faster, so if you're in a hurry, gotta get ready for the weekend, that might be important to you. I think it lasts a little bit longer, which is probably super important for most people, especially now, when everybody's most cost conscious," Spencer said.

But Dr. Spencer also cautions that a unit of Botox isn't equal to a unit of Dysport. The new injectible has its own protocol. Spencer advises patients who are interested to be sure they get it from a provider with experience.

"Dysport is not Botox. You need to gain experience in using it. It's a terrific product, but your experience with Botox is not interchangeable," he said.

Julia Brazier says she's very happy with her results. So much so, that even when her part in the study ends and she has to pay for Dysport, she'll stick with it.

"You know we're looking for the best bang for the buck and for me, Dysport definitely delivers," she said.

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