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Botox Procedures Will Not Be Taxed After All
The proposed 5% tax on a wide array of botox related procedures was dropped.
Botox Procedures Will Not Be Taxed After All

Boston (DbTechNo) - Those Americans looking to go for a little botox injection to reduce signs of aging will be pleased to know that there will not be an additional tax levied against them.
The proposed 5% tax on a wide array of botox related procedures was dropped in the latest health care bill, a fact that makes plastic surgeons, and Botox maker Allergan Inc very happy.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had introduced the Botax plan, to the dismay of many who wouldve been effected negatively by the tax hike.
Plastic surgeons are over the moon with the decision to drop the proposed tax, as it wouldve resulted in a huge drop in business for them if it hadve passed.
Instead of taxing botox procedures, the indoor tanning services will be hit with a 10% tax.
Many feel that this is the better option to begin with, as it has been proven that tanning beds are very dangerous and can cause cancer if over used.
John Overstreet, executive director of the Indoor Tanning Association, said there are risks to practically anything you do. I dont think thats a good reason to tax a business out of existence.
Tanning beds are very, very popular, meaning that an increase in tax on them will hardly put a dent in their use.

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