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Men Jumping on Brotox Bandwagon
South Florida men going for cosmetic procedures
Men Jumping on Brotox Bandwagon

Women have known for awhile that growing old gracefully never looked so smooth as it did with a little toxic injection to the face.

But now Botox has an increasing number of men on a quest for eternal youth too.

Everyone from normal folks to celebrities like "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell are paving the way for the rising new trend.

Women are now giving their men a little nudge to get the facelift without going under the knife.

Male Motox
Male Motox
"I got the information from my wife, she does it on a regular basis" said South Florida Botox patient, Josh Llorente. "I'm 43 and I guess you always hear about aging gracefully, and when you get that age you certainly think about it."

As a realtor, Llorente believes that these non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help keep him looking younger and fresher while attracting and keeping clients.

"I'm always squinting, so I got alot of wrinkles on my forehead," said Llorente. "I don't see any adverse reaction, I tried it and it worked out."

In today's economy, looking good isn't just about vanity. For some it's about competing on a level playing field and maintaining job security.

"Some of our patients who are males that are older do feel the pressure," said Dr. Sandy Goldman of Miramar Memorial Hospital. "They lost their job and they notice that if they talk to headhunters they are telling them that they're competing with a younger person for their jobs."

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 800,000 men had cosmetic procedures performed in 2008, with botox injections coming in at number one with over 225,000 male patients.

Botox injections freeze the facial muscles that create wrinkles, and the dreaded signs of aging vanish before your eyes.

The cost for beauty is between $300 and $800, but the procedure only lasts a few months.

Some men, like Llorente, might consider something more permanent. Or maybe not.

"I'm not sure about that," he said. "The knife scares me, but this procedure, I'm OK with it."

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