The aesthetic industry has been growing dramatically for more than 10 years, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Botox is a big part of that growth; currently, it is the number one non-surgical cosmetic treatment. You don’t want to let this growth pass you by, and a great way to get in on the opportunity is to gain an advanced certification in Botox and filler injections.

Aesthetic Training Benefits:

A Botox certification for nurses and physicians provides a number of benefits, boosting your practice and your experience level. It can advance your career by expanding the treatments you can offer, making you more attractive to employers and clients alike. Because Botox and dermal injections are such a popular procedure, certification opens up your ability to participate in a growing market, boosting your income.


The demand for filler and Botox injections continue to expand, yet not all providers are fully trained to provide them. Certification ensures patients that you have been thoroughly trained. Botox and filler injections are FDA approved procedures, and the training is quick but effective.


The reassurance that certification provides boosts patient confidence in you as a provider, which is important because the injections must be repeated at regular intervals to maintain the benefits. When patients feel comfortable with your skills it encourages them to return, building long-term relationships. Because of the nature of the procedure, it provides more time with patients, which is a rare commodity for many providers.


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