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“The Marketing Your Aesthetic Practice” webinars are formatted especially for participants of our aesthetic seminars, as well as office managers, marketing managers and any personnel who will be assisting in the set-up and operations of a medical aesthetic practice.

Starting an Aesthetic Practice

Aesthetic Medical Educators Training will provide one-hour webinars on various marketing and business topics. These webinars will assist participants in the set-up and day-to-day operations of an aesthetic practice. Participants will receive copies of webinar training materials.

Medical Aesthetic Marketing Training

Course Description

If you’re a trained medical professional, starting an aesthetic practice can be a very profitable and rewarding possibility. Being your own boss, getting away from the long hours of working at a hospital or at someone else’s clinic, and building the skills to perform sought-after procedures can be highly satisfying. Here are some suggestions if you’re thinking about starting your own medical aesthetic practice:

Enjoy Building Relationships with Your Medical Patients

As you build your business, you’ll find that the most valuable and enjoyable patients are the ones that keep coming back. By taking our medical aesthetics marketing webinars, you’ll pick up tips on how to develop those fulfilling, long-term relationships with patients that entrust you in their care, time and again. You’ll also learn other essential industry information you’ll need to know to start your practice and to keep it thriving.

Learn the Business Side of Your Aesthetic Practice

We offer a number of webinars that will give you insight into the business aspect of starting up your aesthetic practice. Our current marketing webinars consist of:

Setting Up Your Medical Aesthetic Practice

  • Can You Perform Injectables?
  • Medical Directors
  • Setting Your Price
  • Educating Your Staff, Selecting Your Target Market, Promotions
  • Community Relationships
  • Short and Long-Term Marketing Strategies

Lead Generation

  • What is Lead Generation?
  • Understanding and Using the Top Lead Generators
  • Lead Follow-up

Setting Up Your Team and Company Culture, Vision and Mission

  • Hiring Tips
  • Training and Educating
  • Managing by Statistics

With our medical aesthetics marketing webinars, you’ll learn both the cosmetic medical techniques and the hands-on, practical side of setting up your own practice. So break away from the grind of working for someone else. Learn how to develop and market your skills and set out for a rewarding career by starting your own medical aesthetic practice. Please contact us for more information about our webinars and training resources at a location near you.

Upcoming Training Courses

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