Botox and Aesthetic Training Models

Have you wanted to try an aesthetic procedure but are reluctant to pay the high cost being charged at your local medical office? Or…are you already enjoying the benefits of these procedures, but would like to take advantage of a huge discount on your next treatment?


Upcoming Modeling Opportunities

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AMET offers individuals the opportunity to be a model at our seminars and pay only the cost of product. This translates to a minimum 50% discount off of retail prices! All procedures are performed by medical professionals under the close supervision of our experienced instructors.

As the years go by, gravity starts to take its toll. But, advancements in the skin care industry have found a way to turn back time. Age does not need to define us! BOTOX, dermal fillers, sclerotherapy, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels are bringing back our youth. Unfortunately, these treatments come with a hefty price tag – that is until now.

Sign up to be one of our Botox training models at Aesthetic Medical Educators Training and receive these services at a fraction of the cost. We are looking for medical aesthetic models to work one-on-one with industry professionals.

Contact Aesthetic Medical Educators Training today to get started on your journey back to a youthful appearance.


Experienced instructors will supervise all procedures performed by medical professionals. AMET only uses FDA approved products directly from the manufacturer. AMET has been providing instructional seminars throughout the country since 2003 and models are an integral part of the Botox dermal filler training philosophy.

Classes are currently offered throughout the country. Botox Training Models must select a seminar and location they would like to attend. Class size is limited to 10-12 participants. Models will receive a registration confirmation via e-mail. All appointments are scheduled from 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Botox training models receive a 50% discount off retail prices, paying only for the cost of product used. One unit of BOTOX is $7.00 and a syringe of filler costs $250. A refundable deposit of $50 is due at registration to confirm the appointment. Cash or credit card is accepted for payment of products used on the day of the seminar.

Whether you are in Sclerotherapy or one of our Botox Classes, models will receive a detailed guide that will explain each procedure in full detail. On the day of the seminar, models will have a consultation with an experienced instructor. A completed health questionnaire will help determine the overall aesthetic goals. Questions are encouraged to create an accurate treatment plan.

Botox training models should arrive on the day of the seminar with a clean face and no makeup. Avoid taking over-the-counter medications and supplements. Avoid waxing or hair removal creams 3 days prior to treatment.

There may be redness, swelling, or bruising immediately after the treatment. This is normal and will disappear within a few hours to few weeks. Acetaminophen will reduce pain. Avoid strenuous exercise, alcohol, and intense heat until the swelling has resolved. Makeup and a gentle cleanser can be used following treatment. Sunscreen is imperative to maintaining healthy skin.

In order to receive an appointment time, models must register for a specific seminar and pay the deposit via our website. The deposit will be used towards the cost of the procedure at the seminar. Appointment times are emailed to models on the Wednesday prior to the seminar. Specific details will be given to interested applicants.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this win/win opportunity, join our Modeling Database, or visit our Registration Page to register for a particular seminar.

AMET reserves the right to assess a variable fee to defray processing costs incurred. This fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable.

The modeling fee for each of our procedures is as follows:

Procedure Fee
Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox ®) $7/unit
Dermal Filler $250/syringe ($400 Voluma & Restylane Lyft)
Sclerotherapy $25
Microdermabrasion $25
Chemical Peel $25
Atlanta, GA - Model Registration 03/18/2023
Nashville, TN - Model Registration 03/24/2023
Nashville, TN - Model Registration 03/25/2023
Nashville, TN - Model Registration 03/26/2023
Philadelphia, PA - Model Registration 03/24/2023
Philadelphia, PA -Model Registration 03/25/2023
Philadelphia, PA - Model Registration 03/26/2023
Denver, CO - Model Registration 03/24/2023
Denver, CO - Model Registration 03/25/2023
Denver, CO - Advanced Model Registration 03/26/2023
Minneapolis, MN - Model Registration 03/24/2023
Minneapolis, MN - Model Registration 03/25/2023
Minneapolis, MN - Advanced Model Registration 03/26/2023
Honolulu, HI - Model Registration 03/24/2023
Honolulu, HI - Model Registration 03/25/2023
Honolulu, HI - Advanced Model Registration 03/26/2023
Miami, FL - Model Registration 03/25/2023
Miami, FL - Model Registration 03/26/2023
San Antonio, TX - Model Registration 03/25/2023
San Antonio, TX - Model Registration 03/26/2023
New York, NY - Model Registration 03/25/2023
New York, NY - Model Registration 03/26/2023
Boston, MA - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Boston, MA - Advanced Model Registration 04/02/2023
Salt Lake City, UT - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Salt Lake City, UT - Advanced Model Registration 04/02/2023
Dallas, TX - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Dallas, TX - Model Registration 04/02/2023
Indianapolis, IN - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Indianapolis, IN - Model Registration 04/02/2023
Buffalo, NY - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Buffalo, NY - Model Registration 04/02/2023
Charlotte, NC - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Charlotte, NC - Model Registration 04/02/2023
Albuquerque, NM - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Albuquerque, NM - Model Registration 04/02/2023
Columbus, OH - Model Registration 04/01/2023
Columbus, OH - Model Registration 04/02/2023
Chicago, IL - Model Registration 04/14/2023
Chicago, IL - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Chicago, IL - Model Registration 04/16/2023
New Orleans, LA - Model Registration 04/14/2023
New Orleans, LA - Model Registration 04/15/2023
New Orleans, LA - Advanced Model Registration 04/16/2023
New York, NY - Model Registration 04/15/2023
New York, NY - Advanced Model Registration 04/16/2023
Boston, MA - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Boston, MA- Model Registration 04/16/2023
Los Angeles, CA - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Los Angeles, CA - Model Registration 04/16/2023
Los Angeles, CA - Advanced Model Registration 04/17/2023
Atlanta, GA - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Atlanta, GA - Model Registration 04/16/2023
Detroit, MI - Model Registration 04/14/2023
Detroit, MI - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Detroit, MI - Model Registration 04/16/2023
Phoenix, AZ - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Phoenix, AZ - Model Registration 04/16/2023
Washington D.C. - Model Registration 04/14/2023
Washington D.C. - Model Registration 04/15/2023
Washington D.C. - Model Registration 04/16/2023
San Francisco, CA - Model Registration 04/21/2023
San Francisco, CA - Model Registration 04/22/2023
San Francisco, CA - Advanced Model Registration 04/23/2023
Nashville, TN - Model Registration 04/21/2023
Nashville, TN - Model Registration 04/22/2023
Nashville, TN - Model Registration 04/23/2023
Philadelphia, PA - Model Registration 04/21/2023
Philadelphia, PA -Model Registration 04/22/2023
Philadelphia, PA - Model Registration 04/23/2023
Raleigh, NC - Model Registration 04/22/2023
Raleigh, NC - Model Registration 04/23/2023
Denver, CO - Model Registration 04/22/2023
Denver, CO - Model Registration 04/23/2023
Orlando, FL - Model Registration 04/22/2023
Orlando, FL - Model Registration 04/23/2023
Hartford, CT - Model Registration 04/22/2023
Hartford, CT - Model Registration 04/23/2023
Charleston, SC - Model Registration 04/22/2023
Charleston, SC - Model Registration 04/23/2023

Model Frequently Asked Questions

Models are asked to register online or via telephone. Once AMET has your contact information, we will contact you when we are in your area to determine if the date/location is convenient for you. If a model knows they want to attend a particular seminar, they should register and put down a deposit ($50) to guarantee a spot. Certain geographical areas fill quickly, so models are then selected on a first come/first served basis.

A good way to think about it – you can choose to be treated with BOTOX from your nose up and you can choose to be treated with dermal filler in the areas around your mouth.


Areas that can be treated with BOTOX during the basic seminar:

Forehead Lines

Frown Lines

Bunny Lines

Eyebrow Shaping

Crow’s Feet


Areas that can be treated with Dermal Filler during the basic seminar:

Vermillion Border / Lip Lines

Lip Volume / Lip Definition

Marionette Lines

Mouth Corners

Philtrum and Peri-Oral Wrinkles

Naso-Labial Folds / Nose to Mouth Lines.


Perioral rhytides (lipstick lines, sunbeam or smokers wrinkles)

Injections around and under the eyes

Melomental folds

Relaxation of the upper lip and chin

Axillary hyperhidrosis

Neck rejuvenation

Nose augmentation and breast lift



Perioral rhytides

Treatment around the eyes

Cheek volume restoration

Metatarsal fat pad injection and breast augmentation

Neck rejuvenation

Nose augmentation

Volume restoration (cheek hollows)

and the treatment of scars

Procedures are performed by the class participants (all licensed medical professionals) under the close supervision of our experienced instructor.

For the BOTOX/Filler seminar, we use only FDA-approved BOTOX (diluted at the recommended dosage), Restylane, Juvederm Plus, Juvederm Ultra Plus and Perlane.

Appointment times are E-mailed to models the Wednesday prior to the seminar. All appointments are between 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Your deposit will be applied to your final charges for the day, based upon amount of product used. If your entire deposit amount is not used, the balance will be refunded. If you are unable to make your appointment, $50 of your deposit will be refunded provided you give AMET at least 24 hour notice before your appointment time. There is no refund if less than 24 hour notice is given, or for no shows.

You will be given a consultation prior to the performance of any procedures. You may ask the instructor for his/her opinion, although you are not required to follow their suggestions. We encourage you to ask questions during your consult and advise the instructor what is bothering YOU.

You may pay the balance (after deposit) of any fees the day of the seminar. Payment may be made via cash or credit card.

Contact AMET if you are dissatisfied with your results. Please send a photo with your explanation of your complaint. Although results cannot be guaranteed for any of the procedures, AMET will review the specifics of your case and attempt to rectify the situation.