Intro to Business of Aesthetics Webinar

Course Description:

The aesthetics market continues to grow with opportunities for medical practitioners to leverage their expertise in this field. AMET’s two-hour medical aesthetics business and marketing webinar teaches participants about the trends and regulations affecting this industry. It also shares the marketing and business information you need to establish a  successful medical aesthetic business.

Course Objectives:

  • Business of Beauty: A look at the current market in aesthetic procedures and projections for the future
  • Trends: A discussion of what treatments are growing in popularity at the moment
  • Business Planning: Ready to start your business? We will discuss some important topics that need to be on your radar before your start your journey.
  • Creating a Marketing Plan: Useful tips to help you set yourself apart from the competition and quickly establish your business.
  • Regulations: Safeguarding the safety of patients is a priority. In this section we will share key elements to help protect you and your patients.

Things to Consider:

Creates Additional Income Stream – Medical Aesthetics Businesses that perform non-invasive procedures make more profit. Successful businesses even report an extra $20,000-$30,000 in monthly revenue.

Increased Job Satisfaction – A happy client means a happy aesthetician. Participants who now practice aesthetic medicine have reported an uptick in job satisfaction due to increased client satisfaction.

Fewer or No Insurance Issues – Aesthetic medicine is usually cash-based.

Increased Job Flexibility – Medical professionals who solely practice aesthetic medicine report a more relaxed lifestyle. There is a reduction in patient caseloads, less client paperwork, no malpractice insurance claims, and fewer regulations from insurance companies that may interfere with your profits.

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Business & Marketing Webinar


The aesthetics market continues to grow and with it the opportunities for medical practitioners to benefit of their expertise in this field. During this two-hour webinar we will provide participants with an inclusive look at the trends and regulations affecting this industry as well as providing marketing/business information to assist in setting up an aesthetic business.

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