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The Sclerotherapy Training for nurses and doctors is formatted especially for medical professionals, including Physicians (MD & DO), Registered Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physicians Assistants (PA).

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PLEASE NOTE: Although the above professionals are eligible to participate in AMET training seminars, AMET strongly recommends that potential participants contact their state licensing board to determine regulations specific to their state. Acceptance into an AMET seminar does not construe authority to perform procedures subsequent to training.

Sclerotherapy Training for Nurses and Doctors

Aesthetic Medical Educators Training provides comprehensive sclerotherapy training for nurses and doctors. Our course includes both didactic and practical trainings, led by highly certified instructors, that will allow medical professionals to earn their sclerotherapy certification. Upon training and completion, professionals will be able to immediately incorporate this procedure into a new or existing practice.

Sclerotherapy Certification

Course Description

This comprehensive one-day sclerotherapy training for nurses and doctors program provides participants with Sclerotherapy certification. This class is led by expert medical professionals in the industry. We focus on providing extensive hands-on Sclerotherapy training for nurses and doctors, making health and safety our top priority. The morning session of this course includes a didactic portion, where the participants will learn the different approved injection techniques for Sclerotherapy. The afternoon session consists of extensive hands-on training on live models, used to cement the didactic portion of the course. This allows participants to leave with a comprehensive understanding of these procedures, including the medicine used, treatments and injections. Our classes will equip you with a wide range of necessary skills upon completion. This allows the participants to implement Sclerotherapy into their practice as soon as they feel comfortable. This course will allow you to provide your patients with another service to help grow your practice. We are dedicated to providing only the highest level of aesthetic cosmetic education to medical professionals through our industry leading instructors.

Program Objectives

  • Discuss the underlying pathology of spider and reticular veins
  • Describe various sclerosant agents and dilutions
  • Explain the risks, complications and after-care for Sclerotherapy
  • Describe adjuvant therapies (including lasers) for the treatment of reticular and spider veins
  • Demonstrate Sclerotherapy injection proficiency

Sclerotherapy Certification Training Course Agenda

  • Registration
  • Introduction
  • History/Mechanism of Action of Sclerotherapy
  • Anatomy/Physiology of Lower Extremity Venous system
  • Pathology/Indication/Contraindications for Sclerotherapy
  • Benefits/Risks/Complications of Sclerotherapy
  • Sclerosants
  • Evaluation/Physical Examination
  • Break
  • Equipment needed/illumination/Technique
  • Patient education (Pre and Post procedure)
  • Documentation/Informed Consent/Photography/Charting
  • Compression after Sclerotherapy
  • Reference Material/Resources
  • Lunch (provided by AMET)
  • Demonstration and Hands-on Training
  • Questions and Answers/Course Evaluation


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    Want to be a model?

    A large part of our events is the hands-on training experience we offer our attendees. To offer this, AMET is always looking for models to help us with our Sclerotherapy course for nurses and doctors.