Aesthetic Medical Educators Training provides private training for medical professionals who want to build their own training package.
Private training for botox injection training classes and dermal filler training for nurses is available for you and your staff, and the package can be built to your specifications to include a variety of aesthetic procedures. Office and Staff Education Training can be added to your private training session ensuring your staff is knowledgable of the procedures and processes that result in a successful aesthetic practice.

What are the advantages of private training?

  1. With our private training option for classes like botox injection training or dermal filler training for nurses, you are able to train your entire staff on the aesthetic procedures of your choice, including best business practices.
  2. A qualified instructor travels to your place of business at a time and date that works well with your schedule. Please keep in mind, private training quotes for 1-2 people may be more expensive than attending a seminar. However, if you have 3 or more individuals receiving training, the price of training per person begins to decrease.
  3. The one-on one training experience leads to an exceptional learning environment.

You can customize your private training to include office and staff education training.
A knowledgeable and experienced AMET corporate representative travels to your place of business to meet with staff and perform an office evaluation. During this time we will cover:

  • Staff education of non-invasive techniques, with answers and cheat sheets to the most common questions
  • Understanding your new/prospective aesthetic client
  • Knowing what the aesthetic client expects
  • Product Knowledge: storage & handling, pre & post treatment instructions, areas treated with each product, side effects & complications
  • Procedures: consent forms, before/after pictures
  • Incorporating skin care into your practice and the selling of retail
  • Ideas and examples of ways to spread the news that your office is now offering aesthetic procedures

If you have any questions or are interested in a private training, please complete the form as it will provide essential details for us to assist you:

Please only include those who will performing procedures.
Please include those who will not be performing procedures.
Please feel free to add any additional items you would like to be of focus for your private training.