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AMET offers modeling opportunities for all of our courses. These allow our models the opportunity to receive the procedures they are looking for at a reduced cost. All procedures are performed by medical professionals under the close supervision of our experienced instructors!

Once you have registered for the event, you will receive a follow-up email to establish your appointment time. Please be advised that treatment is subject to the specific appointment preference. If you do not see an appointment for your treatment of choice, please contact our office to schedule. Changes to the appointment preference may result in cancellation or non-treatment.

Click here for more information about modeling for an event!

Upcoming Modeling Opportunities in Houston

Stay up to date with direct text messages next time we are in Houston, Texas!

To be added to our list, text “amet” to 855-997-2996

Class Date

11/18/2023, 11/19/2023 Advanced, 01/06/2024, 01/07/2024, 02/03/2024, 02/04/2024, 03/02/2024, 03/03/2024 Advanced, 04/13/2024, 04/14/2024, 05/11/2024, 06/15/2024, 07/20/2024, 07/21/2024, 08/17/2024, 08/18/2024, 09/14/2024, 09/15/2024

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